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Become a member

Have you decided to become a member? Then you can report it by filling out the form below.

These data go directly to our treasurer.

The notice period is one month. MZ & PC uses monthly Direct Debit SEPA: By posting below you consent to MZ & PC to send your bank to withdraw the monthly fee from your standing debit account.

If you do not agree tot any withdrawal, you can write you bank. Please write within eight weeks. Ask your bank for the conditions.

If you register a minor member, sign this agreement, print it out and send this document to the secretariat: Einsteinstraat 48, 6227 BZ Maastricht.

Notice period: 1 Month. We count 1 month from the first of the following month after your cancellation. (thus terminating on 15 March means end of membership as of 1 May). Cancellation only valid via secretariaat@mzpc.nl!

Choose your membership:
Entry fee: € 35,-
Re-entry: € 15,-
Remittance federation € 15,95 p.y.
Price accesscard € 5,20
Twice a week in Maastricht: costs € 19,- p.m.
Unlimited: € 24,- p.m.
Valkenburg fee: € 19, - p.m. once per week in Valkenburg, twice other pool
18+ Gulpen member, twice a week Gulpen and twice in Maastricht: € 19,- per month
18- Gulpen member, twice a week and twice in Maastricht: € 19,- per month
Let us know if you already were a member, or if you want to start as a Start to Swim- trainée. Other questions or comments can be filled in below.
If you want to swim in competition you need a national starting-permit. This will cost you € 35,- per year.
Automatic withdrawal SEPA
Name incassant: MZ&PC
Adres incassant: Postbus 1153
Zipcode incassant: 6201 BD
City incassant: Maastricht (NL)
Incassant ID: NL49zzz402030510000
Label: Contributie

Only fill in with underage members
Parents must confirm their child's membership with a signature. Print and send to Einsteinstraat 48, 6227 BZ Maastricht.
By submitting this form, you authorize MZ & PC to send to your bank continuous collection orders