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Masters Swimming, the golden path for the "older" youth swimmer

Swimming is an ideal sport to keep fit. Under the guidance of expert trainers MZ & PC provides weekly training to " older swimmers ." There is opportunity to occasionally do laps but you can also improve your fitness and technique. Swimming is good for your heart and lung capacity , you burn fat , develops muscles and reduces stress. Moreover, you swim with barely got injuries of charge .

Keeping fit is done with Master Swim

The Masters Swimming has thousands of practitioners in the Netherlands , from 18 to 90 years and even older. Do you want to be fit and socializing swimming with others? Just come along during a training night and get advice from the trainer what your options are .

You can join contests, but you are not obliged. Many swim just for fun. It is up to you.
How do we get along during the training?
  • The warmup is used by the trainers to arrange the courses proportionally. It will take place by assignment, so be on time;
  • At the start of an assignment you take 5 sec. distance from your predecessor;
  • During an assignment, each person takes the interval, as described in the assignment.
  • Everyone in the lane follows the training as described. For some reason you can not perform a particular assignment, for example an injury, tell it to your fellow swimmers in the land or to the trainer.
  • If you catch up and your predecessor is not through, touch him / her carefully by the feet. If you feel that and understand that someone wants to catch you over, keep right (also on the side) so that the other can overtake. The turning point is the most appropriate time to overtake.
  • After every core assignment, we wait for everybody to arrive, so that the following assigment can be started jointly. If you have finished a lot earlier, please swim two more lanes.
  • Make sure everyone in your lane can make a proper turn (in the middle) and can finish, so make place for the other.
  • Do not sit or stand on the lines while resting.