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Masterswedstrijd - ook iets voor starters!

Afgelopen september ben ik voor het eerst gaan zwemmen; en dan bedoel ik niet alleen voor het eerst bij MZ&PC, maar vooral voor het eerst. (punt) Mijn A en B had ik dan in 1976 al wel gehaald en op vakantie dobberde ik ook wel eens in een bak met water, maar tussen 2 lijnen baantjes trekken was nieuw voor mij.

Report Membermeeting 2019
Dear members, the minutes are ready and downloadable. These minutes have been checked by the board members for publication.
Join the masters competition

Afgelopen zaterdag, 23 febr, hebben Fabienne Jeukens, Ricardo Guareschi en Edgar Thimister deelgenomen aan de eerste wedstrijd van de zuidelijke cirkel Masterszwemmen in Papendrecht.
Eerste wedstrijd in het nieuwe jaar en voor mij ook de eerste zwemwedstrijd sinds 20jaar. Spannend en leuk om weer eens aan een wedstrijd deel te nemen en zeer benieuwd wat er nog in zit.

Adjusted trainingscedule in the week from februari 11th
Due to work on the lighting of the ceiling of the swimming pool, many training sessions are cancelled in the Geusseltbad in the week of 11 February. In Maastricht only Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday are open. Click further for a comprehensive overview.
Results clubchamps
The clubchamps were a big succes. Everybody exceeded the expectations undoubtedly. When click further you can see the charts! Next year you can join as well, no doubt about that!
New Year Dive
1 Training tijdens de kerstvakantie, clubkampioenschappen en de nieuwjaarsduik. Waar kies jij voor?
Memberstop in Gulpen
The board has decided to inform you that due to the great success in Gulpen, no expansion is possible at the moment. Therefore, until further notice, it was decided not to register new members anymore.

The department Gulpen is looking for a trainer (parent) who is willing to do a KNZB trainercourse and to lead a training at least twice a week in Gulpen from 18h to 19h (monday/wednesday) for the children and the teenagers. Part of the trainership can be to guide the children to competitions several times a year. MZ & PC makes a volunteer reimbursement available for this deployment. If you are interested or have questions, please contact Carola via mergelland@mzpc.nl. Dutch language skills required.
Open Water Event, big succes

On Saturday 22 September the second Open Water Event took place at Funvalley. Many volunteers and 110 swimmers have made it a great event. Thank you very much for your participation.

Yield for the youth swimming fund: € 360

Season 2018-2019
We hope everyone has had a nice holiday. We have some announcements for the new season.

The two graduate swimming skills Gulpen

Two candidates from Gulpen have successfully passed the exam!

Borys Joosten: Isabella Heijenrath:
Swimming skills 1   Swimming skills 2
Summer swimming
Non-members can register for summer swimming. From July 9th, 6 Mondays for € 15, - only.
Location: Geusseltbad
Time: 20: 15h start, pool open at 8pm.
Technique drills
Last month, Sandra, as a test, twice a Saturday morning on a Saturday morning training for a number of swimmers who always train on Saturday mornings. This training has been very positively experienced by these swimmers.

Discount in Mosaqua Gulpen for all MZ & PC members
All members of MZ & PC can request a pass at Carola Hensels to swim for half a money in the swimming pool Mosaqua. This also applies to the subtropical swimming paradise and the outdoor pool! Send your Name, member number, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth and a digital passport photo to carola@mzpc.nl.

Carola will then make a pass for you at the pool mosaqua. Every time you go free swimming at Mosaqua you get more than 4 euro discount!

Meet the trainers
Woensdag 3 januari 2018 hebben we na de training van 20u een goedbezochte nieuwjaarsreceptie gehouden. Tijdens deze bijeenkomst werden de (nieuwe) trainers voorgesteld en hebben alle aanwezige trainers een t-shirt gekregen. We zijn trots op de uitbreiding van onze vereniging met deze toppers.

Ine Haack receives Royal decoration
Vandaag 26 april ontving Ine Haack een koninklijke onderscheiding voor haar inzet als mantelzorger, organisator van de swimmeet en erelid van MZ&PC. Ook heeft zij zich ingezet voor het CDA. De Burgemeester verraste Ine vanmorgen om 9:20u die nietsvermoedend in een vergadering zat in het Geusseltbad. Bekijk de foto's in de fotogallery.

Ine was organising the swimmeet since the first version 31 years ago, for this she received a royal decoration which was handed by the mayor of Maastricht.
Start-to-Swim in Valkenburg and Maastricht
To promote the sport of swimming under non-swimmers, (starting) triathletes, city-swimmers and others who would like to learn to swimm on a professional organised level we developed a special introduction. Start-to-swim in Valkenburg. If you know anybody who is interested in learning to swim freestyle and the other strokes within 12 weeks, please notify them about our start-to-swim program in Valkenburg.
Results ONMK 2017 MZ&PC
The results from your teammembers can be downloaded after the read more. We also added a link to a photoalbum of ONMK 2017.

If you also want to join and swim some master competitions, please tell Sandra!
Freestyle clinic in Eindhoven
Uitnodiging Bortscrawl Clinic zaterdag 1 april in Eindhoven.
2017 Swim calendar
A Masters Story
Our ONMK team
Yes our team is complete, these are our ONMK participants:
Henk van Hezel, Berber Jacquemijns, Ruud Tames, Hugo Mota Prego, Bas Broekhuis,Teresa Walsh, Lisa Berlang, Sandra Godding-Dackus, Eric Craft, Caroline van Rooij ,Michael Gouweloos ,Hoy Lin Moo, Bart Sieczynski, Maurice Soudant, Rene Weijers, Jacqueline Weijers- Horree, Christian Dackus, Hugo de Wit
Register as volunteer for ONMK 2017
Register in the pool with Sandra, or via mail sandragodding@home.nl of app (number via e-mail)

We ask you to help us make this unique event succesfull!

Almost last e-mail
The last training session of 2016 will be on Saturday, December 24th. The first training of 2017 on Monday, January 2nd. On Wednesday, January 4th, we will celebrate the new year after the training in the Grand Café of the Swimming Pool! More news about the swim meet, championships can 2017 and after the click.
International swimmeet Maastricht register
De registrationperiod is almost over. The maximum quotum almost reached. So don't hesitate and register as soon as possible.

The website for the swimmeet is: http://www.swimmeetmaastricht.nl

Use this link: via deze link.
Results Masterscompetition Eindhoven 3 december
The match in Eindhoven was a huge success. The personal bests were broken one after the other. Especially those who first participated. But the experienced swimmers performed very well too, the results were undeniably better than in Roermond. The race team is getting better. The number of disqualifications get less and less. In short, the president, the trainer, the board and all participants were again very proud of this great team. AND for the first time we arrived in club uniform !!! An impressive appearance that did not go unnoticed by our competitors in the Pieter van den Hoogenband Swimming Stadium in Eindhoven.
No training on monday 5 december


Dear Master,

On december 5 the pool is closed due to SINTERKLAAS


They are still searching for Sinterklaas, we might never know what happened.



MZ&PC - Maastricht - info@mzpc.nl
Starting list Eindhoven 3 december
Results competition Roermond
The results are in. Please check you results after the click.
Startlist 6 November Roermond
The start list was created for the contest of November 6. We deal with 10 swimmers and a coach! Click to see who's with me and will defend the honor of the MZ Masters.

There are competitions on December 3 (Eindhoven) and 28-30 December (Swim Meet Maastricht) to qualify for the Swim Meet.
Nieuwe zwemtrainingen succesvol
Look at the video made in Valkenburg, during our Thursday Training!!


If you participate in a competition in order to establish a time for registration for the championships ONMK 2017, MZ & PC will reward you with a FREE team-outfit consisting of pants / shorts, shirt and bathing suit / swimsuit or swimming trunks / jammers. Thanks to our sponsor Speedo. So be encouraged to participate and represent MZ & PC at the 2017 championships!
New members procedure
Due to the we have adjusted the procedure many questions about the card for new members so that fewer mistakes are made and new members receive their card faster . More info after clicking read more.
Weekschedule: theme training
On the page with the training times we have included information about the type of training given during the week. Because sometimes specific needs of swimmers needs special trainiong, we mind you to consider the theme of the training and choose the one that suits you best. Special questions? Talk about it with your trainer. Look at the page with training times
New season starts monday sept 5th
Hopefully you had a nice holiday. On monday the 5th of september we start the new season! Be aware of the changes. So read more after the click.
De volgende kalender evenementen zijn aangemeld op de MZ&PC verenigingskalender. Wil je nog iets laten opnemen, neem dan even contact op met de secretaris, Nicole Palmen, secretaris@mzpc.nl