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Start to swim

Start to Swim Valkenburg - Maastricht

As many course as you wish in which the four strokes are taught on the basis of a professional training methodology which is based on 6 points that can be applied to each swimming stroke. The main focus is on freestyle, but the other strokes like backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly will get the start-to-swim training attention.

The training program has, in addition to the technical details also endurance aspects. Trainings are therefore made up of stroke instructions, technical exercises and the application in a swimming program to improve the swimming endurance and explosive power to sprint.

You can join start-to-swim only as part of any membership form we offer. We hope you like it so much that you will stay a member for years to come!

From the third week of january you can join the monday night group. Other groups are still full.

Start to Swim is taking place on monday evening in Maastricht from 21:30h, wednesday evening in Gulpen (Mosaqua) from 18:00h till 19:00h, thursdaynight in Valkenburg (De Polfermolen) from 20:30h till 21:30h or on fridaymorning from 7:00 till 8:00 in the Geusseltbad (Maastricht).