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Trial swimming

It is possible to swim a maximum of 2 times free trial swimming within the time frame of 2 weeks at MZ & PC Masters Maastricht or one of the departments MZ & PC department Valkenburg or MZ & PC department Mosaqua in Gulpen.

To make your trial as good as possible we ask you to report how you are called and when and where you want to come for the first time, then we will pass this on to the train so they can received and supervised with extra attention.
Trial swimming means that you are NOT yet registered as a member and therefore not registered with the KNZB. And therefore not insured. So you do swim under our expert guidance but on your own responsibility! Thank you for your understanding.

When will you come for the first trial?

Heb je nog vragen, opmerkingen? Laat het dan even weten.

En welke datum kom je dan voor het eerst?
Schrijf je een minderjarig iemand in om te proefzwemmen. Bevestig dan even de gegevens van de ouder zodat we weten met wie we contact kunnen opnemen